Two “street boys” collect wood for fuel, and a sympathetic stranger intervenes.

The man inquires, “What do you do with the wood?” The child replies that he is searching for wood for the generator because his electricity is out. The Good Samaritan requests a ride from the boys to their house. The younger youngster, who is holding a large branch, informs the man deftly that his mother forbids him from getting into cars with strangers. clever dude

Picture Source: Madly Odd

The dad respects the boys’ intelligence and opts to accompany them on their walk home. The youngest boy’s mother approaches as they draw near a sizable fenced-off dirt area where dogs are barking and a lady is standing. The man introduces himself and enquires about the circumstance of the family.

The mother explains that since the lockdown began, they have been without power. She probably refers to the lockdown that was put in place in South Africa as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. The mother claims that although her boyfriend is a “vehicle guard” who makes little money, he helps out with food.

Picture Source: Madly Odd

She merely says “wood and petrol” needed for the generator when the man asks how he can help.

The good man does not think twice. He requests permission to go to the petrol station with her son in order to get what they require. The young child, who can hardly see over the dashboard, leans out the window and warmly tells the father, “You are my best buddy,” as they are driving there.

Picture Source: Madly Odd

They fill enormous gas cans for the generator at the gas station. Additionally, the man gives the family the groceries he purchased for them. The mother believes she will give birth at any time while she waits nearby with a clearly noticeable baby bump.

He hands the expectant mother some cash and asks her to count it. They express their gratitude for the present, and the man cracks jokes and laughs as they quickly bond.A young youngster asks if he’ll return tomorrow. What a blessing this act of generosity is to the struggling family.


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