TikTok girls before and after makeup! Is is the same person?

Recently, Tiktok users have revealed completely new facts about themselves to the world, comparing their appearance before and after applying makeup to the face of one degree or another of decorativeness and complexity. The effect was incredible! And it was simply impossible to understand that in the video it was one person or not.

Another show of another young diva without makeup. And I must admit that in both photos, the user of Tik-Tok is gorgeous.

So what if the weight is a little higher than normal? This does not prevent our heroine from looking great both at the parade and in the kitchen.

Learn from this woman how to get rid of “bags” under the eyes. She certainly knows how to do it.

See the difference between “magnificent” and “incredible”. But it’s all her, this blonde!

Improperly styled hair and poorly matched glasses change the appearance just radically.

The correct use of contouring – and it is difficult to recognize a person when suddenly confronted with her face to face.

An incredible transformation of a person’s appearance when national motifs are used in makeup.

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