Grandpa’s entertaining Donald Duck impression deters telemarketers

Who wouldn’t adore a grandpa who can perfectly impersonate Donald Duck?

Picture Source: Madly Odd

Donald Sizemore is skilled at portraying the well-known figure of Donald Duck. There is a hint of mischief in Mr. Sizemore as well. He chooses to have fun with a telemarketer in this video. Gail, Donald’s wife, pounced on the chance to record her husband’s absurd behavior, and much to her surprise, the video went viral.

“Hello? Do you exist? You can’t hear me. He queries.

Picture Source: Madly Odd

In response, the telemarketer queries whether he is the genuine Donald. The telemarketer finally explains why she is calling concerning Donald’s prescription after some more back and forth. We can only hope that this wasn’t Donald’s pharmacist.

In response, Donald asks if he’s in trouble. He completes the effect with a broad grin that shows just how amused he is.

Picture Source: Madly Odd

For a very long time, Mr. Sizemore has performed this imitation. Gail, his wife, claims he flaunted it during their first date. She quips that after hearing that, she questioned what she had gotten herself into. The couple admits that occasionally Donald will sing his wife a song in the Donald Duck accent.

At the conclusion of the video, Mr. Sizemore beams, “It’s good, clean fun.”

When hearing the voice, it’s impossible not to smile.


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