Goldie Hawn called Kurt Russell her «spouse» and showed off wedding ring. But the actor’s reaction was unexpected

Goldie Hawn has met the love of her life, Kurt Russell, but she has no plans to marry him. After decades of being together, the former child star feels the same way.

During an interview on the now-defunct talk show «The Oprah Winfrey Show» in 1991, actress Goldie Hawn teased marriage to Kurt Russell while also revealing that marriage was not in their future.


In the interview, Oprah Winfrey said that Hawn called Russell her husband, which made it sound like they secretly got married.

After the crowd applauded her, Hawn revealed that she and the «Sky High» actress had a small ceremony, but swiftly stressed that it was not a wedding ceremony:

«Well, we had a little ceremony, but it wasn’t a wedding.» No way, God. «We’re way too close for that.»


Russell had been with his fiancée for seven years at the time, and he purchased a glittering ring for her (which she wore on her wedding finger) to remember their time together.

Hawn claimed that she did refer to Russell as her husband rather than her lover or boyfriend, and that they were still debating what to call one another and that ‘husband’ was appropriate.


While many people wonder when individuals are getting married, Winfrey pointed out that a piece of paper does not define a couple’s love for one another, and Hawn agreed:

«It won’t happen. It will not. And Kurt and I both think so. If you keep the door open, you’ll never go out, but if you shut it and there’s a feeling of finality, a lot of things happen to individuals.»

She added that after getting married, many individuals feel as if their lives have come to a halt. «It’s just a piece of paper; it’s a pledge, but it’s one you take every day.» You don’t quit taking it after the first time. «You take it on a daily basis,» she explained.

Russell said something similar in their People interview in December 2020. «For folks like us, the marriage certificate wasn’t going to generate something that we wouldn’t have had otherwise,» the «Fast and Furious» actor remarked.



Both of the long-term partners had previously been married. Hawn was married to Gus Trikonis and Bill Hudson in the past, and they gave her two children, Oliver Trikonis and Kate Hudson Hudson. Russell has only had one marriage, to Season Hubley, and they had a son, Boston, in 1980.

In 1986, the Hollywood couple welcomed their son Wyatt Russell into their mixed household. The two are grandparents to seven children between their four offspring, and they are not under any pressure to marry in order to be happy.

Unlike them, their children are married, and Wyatt and Oliver are happily married, according to Hawn. Her daughter, Kate, on the other hand, was previously married but divorced. Hawn said that marriage does not always work.

While she said that it is OK for a marriage to terminate, the actress underlined that it is not so much about the institution of marriage as it is about the individuals and the connection, adding that both sides must be ready to be together.

Hawn and Russell have been together since 1983 but have never married. In advance of his 70th birthday in March 2021, the couple teased their Instagram followers with a proposal made with an old film.

In a beautiful message, the «Cactus Flower» singer wished her partner a happy birthday. The couple appeared at an awards event years ago and joked about how they were with everything-except getting married-in the video.

Hawn moved up close and asked Russell, «Is that a proposal?» The native of Massachusetts evaded the issue, claiming that she was putting him on the spot but promised to speak with him later. Hawn captioned her Instagram post.

«Happy birthday, little one!» What an adventure. No, we never married, but one thing that has grown is our love. «You’re a crazy one: clever, charming, infantile, absolutely annoying, a magnificent parent, and profoundly humorous.»

Hawn stated she couldn’t picture her life without Russell at any age. «You’re a catch, and you’re all mine,» the 76-year-old continued, adding a love emoji to his post.

The popular pair went on «The Ellen DeGeneres Show» to talk about their early years together. When asked what she remembered about the first time she saw Russell, Hawn said that she thought him beautiful and recalled:

«I liked the way he looked at my kids.» It was something unique, and he excelled at it. He’s great with children. »

She was astounded by Russell’s qualities, and although she fell in love, «I also fell in love.» Those are excellent discounts for a Washington, D.C. native.

While Hawn and Russell are satisfied with their relationship, Hawn’s daughter has shown a desire for a happily ever after with her child’s father.

Even though marriage has a lot of unknowns, Kate showed by getting engaged to Danny Fujikawa in September 2021 that she wants to try it again.

The «Bride Wars» star shared the good news on social media, captioning a shot of the duo locking lips, «Let’s go,» with the bride and groom emojis.

Fujikawa’s stepsisters, Sara and Erin Foster, introduced the pair. While they had known one another for a long time, the timing was never perfect for the couple since he was younger than she was and Kate was believed to be raising a family and working hard at the time.

Rani Rose, the couple’s first child, was born in October 2018 and was named after the musician’s late father. Kate has two boys from prior marriages, Ryder and Bingham.

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