16 women who have changed and are difficult to recognize after makeup․

Women like preening, which they do for themselves, their soul mates, and to appear professional at work. Every woman applies makeup in her own unique style; some are more skilled at it than others, but if you discover that you can’t do it on your own, wizards with brushes and palettes are always willing to assist. Pavel Kondrashin, a makeup artist who utilizes cosmetics to convert everyday women into goddesses, is one such magician in the beauty industry.

Adaptation for children over five

Pavel is aware that a lady has the potential to improve significantly on her attractiveness.

The model loved this makeup, according to the makeup artist, which is not unexpected.

Galina, who won’t be identified because of her age, is 71.

The blue hue added vitality to the image by discreetly emphasizing the model’s eyes.

A well-groomed woman’s makeup․

Although makeup appears to be relatively basic, what a difference it makes!

Putting makeup for the stunning Vera

I doubt that this woman herself was aware that such a thing existed.

For Elena, the diva stereotype.

Arina’s transformation

How nice is it?

Grandmothers desire beauty as well.

Even though the eyes were always lovely, they now just dazzle!

Pavel really is a magician.

This girl will be very tough to identify without makeup.

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